Maatwerkbedrijf Werkkrachten beschutte werkplaats - Atelier Forces de Atelier protégé - Work Forces sheltered workshop

Maatwerkbedrijf  Blisterverpakkingen - ampoules - blisters

Maatwerkbedrijf Displays - Affiche atelier protégé - Displays sheltered workshop

Maatwerkbedrijf Krimpverpakkingen - Shrink Packaging

Maatwerkbedrijf Manuele beplakking producten - Revêtements manuel doit Produits - Manual coverings shall products

Maatwerkbedrijf Koelkamer en elektromontage - Chambres froides et installation électrique - Cold rooms and electrical installation

Magazijn Maatwerkbedrijf - Entrepôt atelier protégé Bouchout - Warehouse Sheltered workshop Bouchout

Magazijn Maatwerkbedrijf - Entrepôt atelier protégé Bouchout - Warehouse sheltered workshop Bouchout

Sheltered workshop in Londerzeel, Breendonk and Willebroek - Near Brussels

Our company distinguishes itself from other companies by our vision: We want to give people - with difficulties to function in a regular labor market – meaningful work with a high degree of certainty. We are able to offer this job security, because we achieve a very high quality, with a high flexibility for our customers. This leads to customer satisfaction and mutual loyalty. Ultimately, our sheltered workshop (or customized-work-company as we will soon be called) is a company where everyone likes to work and give the best of himself. We target a large number of markets through a variety of departments: food (cooled or non-cooled), high care area, electrical assembly, shrink wrapping, flow pack, blister, display construction, green service (garden), E-Commerce or we send a team to the customer himself.

Krimpverpakking voeding


As a subcontractor or “customization” company, BW Bouchout wants to present itself as an expert and a reference company in the food processing sector. By handling its own very strict HACCP procedures, we guarantee you a safe product that can be seen and tasted by your customer. In our high care unit, we pack open food in a conditioned area. We do the same in our other food departments, where traceability, respecting the cold chain and proper handling of your order is guaranteed.
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Non food blisterverpakking


The quality culture of the nutrition department is implemented in the same way in the non-food departments. We make e.g. blister packaging with small engine-parts ; we shrink wrap cosmetics and put gadgets in flow-packs. We assemble electric parts of vending machines ; solder LED lighting in our assembly department. We process your order of large or small mailings and bring them to the post. Our display department glues, folds and builds your displays. If required, we fill them with your products.

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High care assemblage voeding


In the high care unit, we are unique. Here, we assemble ready-made dishes, starting from different / separate fresh food products. Example : wok dishes and pasta dishes for the wholesale distribution. We process both meat and fish. It goes without saying that food safety is a top priority here. We get regular audits of customers and the Federal Agency for food safety.

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Enclavewerking, wij sturen u mensen


Our customers sometimes choose to keep their stock levels low or wish to decrease the risk of breakage during transport or have the need to react very quickly. One of the solutions to achieve these three objectives is “enclave”. This means that we bring the workers to the customer, at the customer’s premises or at the premises of the logistics partner. Under the supervision of a BW Bouchout group leader all activities happen on site.
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Our “green service”, a dynamic and motivated team, is ready for all your landscape / garden maintenance! We are assisted by Stefaan Bingé better known as the “Garden Doctor”. He is a real expert in the field of landscaping and maintenance with an ecological impact, and he is known by his own TV series. Our staff is professionally trained and supervised by his team and he is always ready for some customer advice and assistance.
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For one of the largest coffee brands in the world we prepare per day up to 7,000 individually wrapped collies for final consumers in Belgium and Luxembourg. Each collie is different and is based on hundreds of references . We have structured this production (partially automated) in such a way, so that our disabled personnel can cope with this type of handling in an almost faultless manner. We meet the deadline every day : coffee, ordered today before 16 hours by the consumer , is correctly prepared by us and, the same evening , put on the truck . Delivery to the customers is within 24 to 48 hours.
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