E – commerce: everyone knows it ; everyone talks about it and it is increasingly used to do online purchases via one’s home computer. Analysis shows that the number of purchases ” online ” increases every year by more than 10 %. And this increase will continue for a few years more.

Result : large retail companies provide, in addition to the traditional distribution (physical store) , e-commerce services. The physical distribution of these products is done by external suppliers ( storage of the products at external warehouses + order preparation + transport for home delivery) .

Already 12 years ago, BW Bouchout started as a supplier of this type of service . As a pioneer, we therefore have an important position in the market .

For one of the largest coffee brands in the world we prepare per day up to 7,000 individually wrapped collies for final consumers in Belgium and Luxembourg. Each collie is different and is based on hundreds of references . We have structured this production (partially automated) in such a way, so that our disabled personnel can cope with this type of handling in an almost faultless manner. We meet the deadline every day : coffee, ordered today before 16 hours by the consumer , is correctly prepared by us and, the same evening , put on the truck . Delivery to the customers is within 24 to 48 hours.