Our “garden” department, a dynamic and motivated team, is ready for all your landscape maintenance!

We are assisted by Stefaan Bingé, better known as the “Garden Doctor”. This is a real expert in the field of landscaping – and maintenance with an ecological impact. Stefaan is also known from his own TV series. Our staff is professionally trained and supervised by his team and he will will be glad to give you, dear cutomer, some advice and assistance.

We look forward to your garden, park, outdoor … to be able to maintain!

We always work in an ECONOLOGICAL way :
Economic: a favorable price.
Ecological: environmentally conscious. If you wish, we control your weeds without chemicals.
Logical: to choose BW Bouchout.

What do we offer?
The possible services that we can offer are very diverse. These include:

  • Mowing
  • Shave hedges
  • Clean up paths and grounds
  • Litter cleanup
  • Trees and shrubs pruning
  • Removing Weeds (for this we use an infrared technique)

Sometimes we work together with a regular garden landscaper or contractor.

We have enough equipment and tools such as seat-mower, manual lawn mowers, brush cutters, chain saws, leaf blowers …
We take away garden waste or it can be shredded on site and used as ground cover. Here also, the ECONO LOGICAL central. Less labor and less waste!

If you want to know more about our capabilities and techniques you can request more information using the contact details on this page.

Our teams:
We provide one or more teams of +/- 5 workers with their specific capabilities. These are always supervised by a professional group leader . Throughout the year we provide – in cooperation with the garden doctor ( – their education and training.

This allows us to keep our knowledge up to date and our high quality monitoring .

Do you want to work with us ?
If our company and our approach appeal to you , you can always contact us for more information or make an appointment .

  • Usually we will come and see you to view and discuss the site. We take pictures , take note of dimensions , etc…
  • Next, we create a personal file. Based on the pictures and dimensions, we provide a written quote.
  • After confirmation, we will work out a one-year planning, so that you always have a say and know when and how many people are working at your site.
  • During the course of the assignment changes can always happen , new agreements can be made, extras can be requested…

No surprises: we make a fixed price for a fixed period, so that we perfectly know in advance what to expect from each other.
Merckx Tom: Tel: 052/522.711 mobile: 0475/82.36.45
Coördinator green service E-mail:

Choose BWB, that’s (econo)LOGICAL!