Display Construction
For companies specialized in IN & OUTSTORE communication, we make displays that are primarily used in retail environments in order to give certain products a better attention. In addition to the wholesale distribution, displays are used in pharmacies, newsagencies, bookstores, gas stations, etc.
These displays usually consist of cardboard and plastic.

We start from a sheet of cardboard on which an image is printed, and the shape is cut. We cut this “shape” out from the sheet, tape is applied and different parts are brought together in a very precise manner. For this purpose, we use hot melt glue and staples to attach the display to the pallet.

Composing displays
We don’t only have a lot of experience in building displays but also counter displays, and put displays on pallets. If required we also fill displays according to the special wishes of our customers.

Some of these activities are done in our office in Londerzeel, but also in our enclaves – the logistics partner of our customers – we create and fill displays in order to avoid transport costs.